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The story behind RELAX

The stimulus for this song came from a couple of sources. The seed of the lyric idea “Relax, It’ll be OK” was sown as I (Will) was listening to Pete Scazerro’s Emotionally Health Leader Podcast episode ‘Relax’ (28th August 2018).

This somehow reinforced what My wife and I had previously read of a time when Bill Gaultiere had been asked a question by Dallas Willard “If you had one word to describe Jesus what would it be?”
Bill thought and then shared a list - Jesus is… Love… Compassion… Holy… Lord… Teacher… Risen… Healer… (all good words to describe Jesus).
There was a long unhurried silent prayerful pause and then Bill asked Dallas what his one word would be. You may have guessed that Dallas’s answer was ‘relaxed’ and if you want to understand why, have a read of Bill’s book “your best life in Jesus easy yoke”.

Whilst there are quite a number of direct and indirect references to scripture in RELAX, the two key scriptures you will notice are the chorus Romans 8:28 and in the bridge Isaiah 55:8-9. We hope this song blesses you and gives you hope and comfort.

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